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Product Information
It's the perfect blend of slightly salty and slightly sweet...and is a light snack that you just can't put down and aren't sure why!

Our Ingredients
There are only four all-natural ingredients in our classic flavor kettle corn:
  • corn: popcorn
  • oil
  • sugar
  • salt
    (Flavored bags would include the elements of the flavoring)

Our Flavors
Shake Flavors
  • Traditional
  • Wing Ding
  • Spicy Southern
  • Cinnamon
  • hot Hot hot
  • Sweet Ruby
  • Jordan's Own
  • Butter & Garlic
  • Onion Garlic

  • Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • White Chocolate Cinnamon
  • White Chocolate Mint
  • Dark Chocolate Mint
  • Classic Cheddar

  • Our Bags/Prices
    Weekend Bag (flavors only)
    • Small (2 quarts)
    • Medium (4 quarts)
    • Large (6 quarts)
    • Party (18 quarts)
    Foil Bag
    • Flavors (2.25 quarts)
    • Drizzles (2.25 quarts)
    Holiday Tins
    • Flavors (2 Gallon)
    • Flavors (3.5 Gallon)
    • Drizzles (1 Gallon)
    *Sales Tax is included in price

    *Shipping is Determined When Placing Your Order

    *To place an order...click
    here to download our product information form!
    Holidays/Special Orders
    • Christmas Tins
    • Valentines
    • Easter (pastels)
    Special Event Favors
    • Baby Shower
    • Halloween
    • Sports Banquets
      (team colors)
    *Favors include
  • colored white chocolate
  • personalized labels
  • matching ribbon ties.
  • Your Allergies & Health
    You will be happy to know that North Country Kettle Corn is:
    • Peanut Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Cholesterol Free
    • Low in Sodium
    • Free from preservatives
    • Free of trans fat
    • Free of MSG
    • Low in calories
    • A good source of fiber

    North Country Kettle Corn
    Jaime & Diane Leitzel
    626 North Maple Street
    Ridgway, PA 15853

    (814) 772-5142

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    North Country Kettle Corn is a family owned and operated business dedicated to offering our customers a delicious twist to tasty popcorn. Our Kettle Corn is slightly sweet, slightly salty, which has been a favorite for years! Most people who taste it agree, "It is the best they have ever had."
    North Country Kettle Corn has tried to separate ourselves from other competitors as a top shelf operation. We use a large capacity stainless steel kettle that allows us to keep up with large crowds. We sift our product as it is cooling to provide our customer with a bag of only the best kernels of the pop, visually as you look at our product in the bag it is not like all Kettle Corn you've purchased else where. How often have you purchased a bag of kettle corn with the bottom of the bag full of uncooked or burnt kernels? We purchase only the best ingredients to provide only the best results both visually and by taste. As you look at our set-up we are very neat, clean, professional, insured and licensed. We take pride in offering you the very best kettle corn in the area.
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    You will find on the left side bar a list of the basic flavors and package options we currently offer on a daily basis.

    In addition, we also offer holiday packaging and flavors, such as a variety of high quality embossed Christmas tins. For Valentines and Easter we spruce up our white chocolate with reds, pinks and pastels.

    For your special events we offer themed favors utilizing cello bags with colored white chocolate, personalized labels and matching ribbon ties. Examples include pink/blue for a baby shower, orange and brown in novelty Halloween bags, or your team's colors for a sports banquet. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination! Contact Us and we will help you pick out something special for your next event.
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    Invite Us to Your Next Event!
    Great for all occasions, enjoyed all year round and it makes a wonderful gift as well. You will find our old fashioned Kettle Corn sold throughout the area at the following:
    • The Shop On Main (Ridgway,PA)
    • Jordan Bar and Grill (Ridgway,PA)
    • West End Grocery (Ridgway,PA)
    • Goetz Flower Shop (St. Marys,PA)
    • DD's Bakery (St Marys,PA)
    • Elk Visitor Center (Benezette,PA)
    • Wapiti Ridge Wine Cellars (Dubois,PA)
    • Rouse Home (Youngsville,PA)
    Community Events
    • various arts and craft shows
    • car shows
    • church benefits
    • festivals
    • special cause fundraising events
    • Hazen Flea Market
    Why choose North Country Kettle Corn for your next Event?
    Our commitment to the consumer is not only to provide a healthy, tasty kettle corn snack, but also to provide an entertaining, crowd-pleasing demonstration.

    The popping process is fun and exciting to watch, the aroma attracts large crowds and the unique taste keeps them coming back again and again for more.
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    If you would like to have North Country Kettle Corn participate in your next community, organization or personal event please contact us!
    Fundraising Opportunities
    Choose the plan that's right for you and then contact us!

    Option# 1: Pre-sales:
    This is the most popular. Each participant takes an order form around to friends, family, and neighbors. Payments are collected as orders are taken. After a sufficient time that you have set up to collect all the orders, you tally up the number of bags needed and let us know the results. We pop it fresh and then deliver it to your group on a pre-determined time and date and they deliver it to their customers. Please deliver within a few days to ensure maximum freshness.

    Option# 2: Direct Sales:
    Your group can purchase North Country Kettle Corn at our special fundraising price for re-sale. This option works well for organizations that have opportunity to sell directly to large groups over a one or two day period. For example a youth group may purchase our kettle corn to sell outside of high traffic venues such as sporting events or high volume retail outlets.

    Option# 3: Bring us to your event:
    We are located in Ridgway, Pa. in the heart of Elk County. We could attend your event if the anticipated crowd was 1000 attendees' min. The fun and excitement of popping kettle corn is always a crowd-pleaser and your sales will soar! With a few volunteers from your group over the course of the event to help with sales we can help you reach your fundraising goals.

    "All Kettle Corn is NOT created equal!"
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